South Fresh Fruit salesmen are very hard working in getting all the produce that is needed at a good prices.
They have been in the produce business for a long time now and know what it takes to get the best prices out in
the produce industry. Each salesmen has there special product that they handle and distribute in a way that
 makes customers happy

Jesus Delgado handles all sorts of Potatoes, Garlic,Onions and Watermelons.

David Ramirez handles handles all sorts of Potatoes and variety of Onions.

 Sal Rodriguez, and Omar Chagolla (not pictured) handle full lines of Mexican Chiliís, Tomatoes, Jicamas, Tomatillos, Chayotes, Cactus, Bananas, Tamarindos, Coconuts, Cilantro, Green Beans, Italian and Mexican Squash, Pinto Beans and Rice.

 Together the South Fresh Fruit Fruit salesmenís make a perfect team.

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