Our produce is brought from many different places, it varies on the produce and where its grown. It sometimes could come all the way down from Mexico to even all the way from Florida. Some produce is even brought locally which could sometimes be like California Apples to even California Oranges. Our produce category is pretty huge, some of our major produce would be like all the different kinds of Apples, Pears, Chiliís, Onions and Potatoes. All of our produce is well kept in correct temperature refrigerators. Once it arrives to our facilities itís well inspected before itís accepted, we do this in order to make sure the product is brought in at the right temperatures that its suppose to be set at in order to maintain fresh. Some of our produce is brought to us from major brand companies, some of these known brands are like Del Monte, Dole, Trechas and many other big companies. We also do special packaging to certain amounts, we put the product in South Fresh Fruit personalize boxes and ship it to our customer that request there orders in certain weights per box. South Fresh Fruit understands how important it is to have quality and quantity, so we keep and maintain our produce well stored and at enough amounts.

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